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Paint Protection

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Car Paint Protection Sydney

The Permanent Removal of Swirls, Scratches and Holograms. Let’s bring your vehicle back to its former glory.

After all the hard work in detailing and paint correction, Paint Protection is the next step and one of the most important things to consider for your car. Before a Paint Correction is carried out, a few steps need to be followed. Firstly, the paintwork needs to cleaned and cleansed to get an accurate representation of its current state. We will then measure the paintwork on each panel. This will determine how much clear coat we have to work with, which in turn directly impacts the depth of the finish.

  • Exterior Decontamination
  • Sensitive areas masked up
  • Multiple Cutting Stages
  • Multiple Polishing Stages
  • Second Wash and Cleanse
  • Paintwork Prepped for Protection
  • Ceramic Coating or Wax applied
  • Mirror Finish Result


The outcome of Paint Protection

Looking your best

This refers to the ‘wow’ factor. After your vehicle has had our Paint Correction treatment, the level of gloss and depth is intoxicating. In most cases our customers tell us that even when they had the car from new, it never looked that good.

Defect free results

Removing heavy swirl marks and light scratches can be a pain staking, time consuming exercise. On average we spend up to 20+ hours polishing one vehicle. We will stop at nothing to deliver the best defect free finish.

Enhanced gloss and shine

This is the result of hours and hours of levelling down paintwork. The smoother and cleaner your paintwork is, the more light can refract and reveal that mirror finish.


The icing on the cake. There is no use getting a Paint Correction and not protecting the incredible finish. As well as enhancing the already ‘wet look’, applying paint protection to your vehicle preserves the finish for years to come.

Anti-adhesion technology repels dirt and keeps your car clean. Moreover residual, ingrained dirt and any other contaminants simply glide off your vehicle.



Coatings are the newest and most advanced technology when it comes to protecting your vehicle. The majority of coatings comprise of SiO2 or Silicone Dioxide, which is pure Glass or Quartz or body armour 9h. These ‘glass’ coatings are permanent in nature and in many elements are superior to the other forms of protection. The cost is also the a lot higher given the nature and work that goes into each application.

Coatings provide 3 major benefits:

  • Hydrophobicity Surface that beads and where water will literally run off the surface.
  • Intense Gloss. The surface will have added depth and clarity from the glass coating.
  • Physical Resistance. Protect from abrasions, bird droppings, watermarks or graffiti.

Unlike Waxes and Sealants, the nature of applying glass coatings takes much longer as the coating needs to cure. Depending which coating, the curing time may vary.
Please note that within all the coatings each rating or percentage is actually a massive difference and should be regarded as so. For example 9/10 is incredibly different to 6/10. There are multiple coatings to choose from, each option providing superior protection



How do we examine your paint to evaluate the condition?

Firstly we use a ‘Paint Thickness Gauge’ that tells us the overall thickness of your paint in microns, these professional gauges are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars and can provide valuable information to the history of the paint. We also include our years of detailing experience to investigate the paint using xenon light, to also find if the car has been resprayed or repaired, as these are also important factors.

How long does Paint Correction take?

It depends entirely on the current condition of your paint. Some minor paint corrections can take 2 days, while some serious corrections for badly weathered and worn paint can take 6-7 days – yes that is up to 50 hours of polishing, refinement and finishing for one car.

How much does Paint Correction cost?

Time and quality equal cost, so it depends on how long a Paint Correction is going to take. Generally the price starts at $500 for a minor correction, and anything after that is charged at an hourly rate.

Does Paint Correction remove a lot of paint and endanger my car?

If done by a real professional like Autoshine Detailing, that knows about paint types, hardness, depth and uses the best car care products and modern techniques – No. The majority of imperfections are within the first 5-10 microns of paint/clear coat, a modern car should come with 100-140 microns of paint. If the correct techniques are used then the removal of paint is minimal and consistent, a lot of cars have more paint ‘hacked off and unevenly’ by some unqualified detailers and car washes that offer a cheap ‘cut and buff’.

When you polish a car with a machine, it leaves holograms and swirl marks?

Incorrect. When car paint is polished badly using poor technique, cheap products, dirty pads or insufficient preparation then yes, holograms / buffer trails or swirl marks are left in the paint and these can be seen in the sunlight. At Autoshine Detailing we prepare the paint surface properly, use only the best products and 15+ years of experience – we guarantee results.

Why don’t you offer Stage 1 or 2 details?

Some detailers offer stage 1, 2 or 3 details / corrections / enhancements. We do not believe in this kind of ‘detail’ – let alone for a ‘paint correction’. The reality is that the paint on your car is in varying conditions on different areas/panels. For example; the paint on your bonnet or boot is probably in worse condition due to harsher circumstances than the paint on your doors, perhaps. Therefore it will take more time, more ‘stages’ with the polisher and a range of polishes and pads – so while 1 stage might give good results for some areas, it will not for all. We analysis and treat every area of your car with focused techniques to deliver real results and bring all panels up to the same standard, some panels need 1 or 2 stages while others may need 4 or 5 to achieve the same finish.

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